Festival Objectives

Celebrating AND Enhancing Our Community

To celebrate and enhance the profile and image of the North End community by showcasing its diversity, creativity and talent. Every year we try to find new ways to entertain the community and bring out the best in everyone. The Main Stage hosts performances by some of North End Halifax’s finest musical talent, while the crowd is constantly engaged in games, crafts and other activities.

Community Engagement…

To increase community involvement through volunteerism, networking and participation. Any event of this size only happens thanks to the hard work of many volunteers. Kids and adults alike pitch in with the planning and running of the festival.

Promoting Creativity…

To promote community creativity through community art opportunities. The festival offers various activities through which you can explore your creativity.

Encouraging Pride in the Community…


To encourage a sense of community pride through experiential, educational and creative activities that reduce community waste. Turn an old glass jam jar into a beautiful lantern, and join The Parade of Lanterns.